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In the vibrant world of TikTok, Engel Koh has gracefully woven her way into our homes as a cherished source of delectable recipes and trusted culinary advice. Her recipes, as comforting as a warm embrace from a loved one, serve as a guiding light for university students and kitchen beginners alike, and bring the warmth of a homecooked meal to over 90,000 of her followers.

With a flair for culinary magic and the demeanour of a friend chatting with you, Engel’s journey begins in the confines of a lockdown, catapulting her to becoming one of Singapore’s most-followed food influencers on TikTok.

Putting down her stirring spoon to chat with us, she shares more about her TikTok adventure.


How did your journey as a content creator and artiste begin?


My journey as a content creator began during the lockdown in 2020. 

I personally enjoy cooking but did not have the luxury to do so due to my busy work schedule. During the lockdown, being home every day provided me the opportunity to cook daily. This led to the idea of recording my cooking process and sharing it with people, so they could try out my recipes. 

Figuring out what to eat for the next meal becomes a challenge when you’re cooking every day. Cooking has always come naturally to me, ever since I was young and would watch my grandma cook. I began recreating some of her dishes by myself.

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You’ve got a loyal follower base. What do you think keeps them coming back to your page and content?


I strongly believe that interesting content and authenticity are what keep my followers engaged. Furthermore, it is also important for me to weave in a heartwarming essence of home into my content, whether it takes the form of my homecooked recipes or personal food recommendations that evoke nostalgic memories.

Sometimes, meeting followers who recognize me while I’m dining out and having a small chat is what fuels my motivation as a content creator!


How do you juggle being a mum and a content creator?


Balancing being a content creator and running my own business leaves me with limited time for my daughter. Nevertheless, I ensure that I reserve my weekends for her and try to return home early after my appointments. I also firmly stand by my belief in the importance of cherishing moments at home and nurturing family bonds.


Authenticity and staying true to yourself is really important to you. Has there ever been a time when you’ve turned down an opportunity because it just wasn’t you?


There have been occasions when I had to decline opportunities because the brand’s product wasn’t aligned with my values. To provide my audience with honest reviews, I always research the brands and their products before accepting any collaborations.


What do you wish brands knew about when they approach you as a creator?


A challenge that brands often face is granting influencers creative freedom. Sometimes, brands struggle with allowing influencers to exercise their creative expertise. It’s essential to trust influencers’ abilities to craft content that resonates with their audience. Overly strict guidelines can result in content that feels forced or lacks authenticity.


Any words of wisdom for other aspiring creators?


Being a creator is never easy; the glamorous images you see are the result of hard work. The actual challenges and hardships creators face reaching where they often go unnoticed. 

Stay passionate about what you do and never give up. The journey may be tough and slow, but perseverance will eventually lead you to your goals.