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If you used to think that social media is a ‘young person’s thing’, allow us to change your mind. 

In the past few years, there has been an unexpected rise of parent influencers on social media, showcasing their parenting styles, experiences, and tips to a massive audience worldwide. 

From Instagram to YouTube and even TikTok, parents are utilizing social media platforms to share their journey of parenting while creating engaging content. In this article, we will explore the concept of parent influencers, their impact on social media, and why they have such a huge following.

Parent Influencers – Wait, what?

Parent influencers are parents who use social media channels to share their parenting journey with their audience. Whether it’s a good day out, or dealing with meltdowns from their kids, there’s no limit to what parent influencers can share!

They typically post pictures or videos of their everyday life with their children, along with advice, expert opinions, and product reviews. These influencers tend to utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok to reach their audience and build a following.

Parent influencers have now grown in their significant impact on social media, given their huge following and the high level of engagement their content generates. Since the pandemic – which saw the number of parent influencers bloom – they are changing the narrative on parenthood, promoting authenticity and providing parents with a much-needed support system. They are also helping to educate other parents and raise awareness about parenting issues such as child development, mental health, and parenting hacks.

These influencers continuously share experiences and advice that parents can relate to, leading them to see these influencers as “real” people and trustworthy sources of information. Their content provide some entertainment for parent audiences who are in need of humor or something heartwarming and uplifting.

Is There A Flip Side?

While parent influencers have a vital role in inspiring and providing support to other parents, the flip side is that some influencers may exploit their children for financial gains, and this can be dangerous. 

Additionally, it may create some unrealistic expectations and perceptions of parenthood that can be misleading. Therefore, it’s essential for parent influencers to remain sincere and genuine without coming off as if they are exploiting their children’s privacy.

Parent influencers have undoubtedly transformed the world of social media, and the concept is here to stay. 

They represent a growing online community that provides support, education, and entertainment for parents across the globe. They help to showcase what real parenting looks like, and the ups and downs that come with it, breaking down tired stereotypes and promoting authenticity while raising awareness and supporting charitable causes.

However, it’s crucial for parent influencers to remain authentic and genuine. We need to remember that while social media can be a great tool, it is just a highlight reel of people’s lives, and we should always strive for authenticity and representation in our parenting journeys.